Monday, April 18, 2011

Does each generation view Ayn Rand in the same way

When the dance called "The Minuet" was first performed, respectable people were SHOCKED because until that time, males had danced in one line facing the women who danced in their own line and there was NO physical contact. Now, suddenly they were briefly touching fingers. How audacious!  And in the 1950s, on The Jack Paar night time talk show, the word PREGNANT was forbidden. One must use some tasteful euphemism like "expecting" or "with child."  So, I dare say that reactions change with the changing times.  During the Cold War era of the 1950s-60s Communism was demonic and for the Communists Capitalism was demonic. Now I dare say things are not viewed in the same way. Even the Communism of China has been greatly modified from the days of Chairman Mao.  Each generation perhaps sees Rand in a different way.  I am certain that the simple fact she is DECEASED makes a big difference from the years when she was a living author/speaker.  Heraclitus observed that "one cannot step into the same river twice." That moment we call "NOW" is that ever-changing river and yet human nature remains the same even from the time of Homer in the sense of sleep, hunger, greed, lust, nostalgia, etc.

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