Friday, March 30, 2012


I am here, the mermaid whose dark hair
streams black, the merman in his armored body
We circle silently about the wreck
we dive into the hold. ...
We are, I am, you are
by cowardice or courage
the one who find our way
back to the scene
carrying a knife, a camera
a book of myths
in which
our names do not appear.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

David Letterman for PRESIDENT - seriously!

I just finished watching David Letterman, celebrating his 30th anniversary of his night time talk show, and I ask you in ALL seriousness.... what does David Letterman LACK  to make a perfect president.... he is SUCCESSFUL, he thinks on his feet, he make a profit, he has a sense of humor and can take a joke.... who CARES what he thinks about God and religion and whether the world was created in six days, that is all such RUBBISH when it comes to leading a nation. You know IF the constitution were amended to allow Schwarzenegger to be president, he would not be the worst president in the world, and believe me they ALL have a problem with their sexuality because they are MALES...  but since the constitution DOES forbid a foreign born person from being president and since the Pope of Rome is a foreign born person, then each and every devout Catholic politician who feels threatened by excommunication IS being controlled by Rome, and that should concern everyone, even devout Roman Catholics. People, this is not why the founding father left Europe with its kings and church states and Holy Roman Emperors. They came to America and staged a Revolution to found a SECULAR government whose authority derives from those governed, a government OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people. 

Friday, March 09, 2012

The Hollow Within

A musical stringed instrument is hollow inside of necessity so that it may fill a theater with its sound. The louder it is outside the more hollow it is inside. Public statements are designed for their rhetorical effect on crowds and lasting impressions upon historians but such statements arise from shallowness rather than depth just as the roar of the ocean arises from waves crashing upon the shallows of the beach while the ocean depths remain silent. Those who seek power, fame, influence do not seek sanctity but notoriety. True religion is what remains silent and unspoken inside and may be discerned only through outward actions or abstinence. The more we doubt what is inside the more loudly we try to convince those outside.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Pleased with Kindle Fire

I am pleased with Kindle Fire. I am almost through reading "Guns, Germs, and Steel" by Jarred Diamond. I can LOCK the screen rotation and read in bed in the dark with the backlit screen without the screen jumping from portrait to landscape. Erik Grettir Jacobs taught me the trick to turn off Wi-Fi and conserve energy. You only need Wi-Fi to browse the bookstore or download. Samples of books are free and generous in length. I searched on LIBERALS and notice that there is only one pro liberal book for every liberal-bashing title. I am looking over Paul Krugman "The Conscience of a Liberal" and Eric Alterman "Why We're Liberals" .  I would like to read "The Party - the Secret World of China's Communist Rulers" by Richard McGregor . I downloads some samples of Hannah Arendt "Essays in Understanding" and "Responsibility and Judgment" . There are a number of free books, classics, prior to 1930's and in public domain. 

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Is consensus of agreement a reliable touchstone for truth?

The human species' genetic, inborn tendency to discord (perpetual lack of unilateral agreement) is a survival mechanism for the species. I well might have been that our species would evolve in such a way that everyone would see things the same way and agree on all matters. But then we would all make the same choices and have the same preferences and we would not spread out to inhabit all ecological niches; mountain tops, islands, rain forests, deserts.  5,000 years of recorded history demonstrate that humanity has not reached unanimous agreement on any non-trivial matter (apart from certain things in mathematics and science) .  Let us say there are 6 billion people on Earth at this moment. If you spent 5 seconds greeting each one, it would take you 950 years to finish your introduction. And yet, we attempt to refute each other and convince each other one at a time and we believe that through this activity we possibly come closer to the truth. We assume that sense is common (common sense) and that we more so that any other possess common sense.

Ethics and Atheists

If you profess yourself as Atheist and then fall prey to some temptation and commit some injustice or harm then at least you are LESS hypocritical than someone who professes themselves as a devout member of some divinely revealed religion and then you fall prey to the same temptation and human weakness. Each person is born with a unique personality and physiology. Some people by nature dislike tobaccor, alcohol and drug intoxication and are drawn to exercise and healthy diet. Some people have a very low libido and do not become sexually active until late in life. Other people are born with tremendous appetites, .... all this has little to do with some ideology or professed faith. Think of all the Muslims who drink, yet Hitler was a vegetarian tea-toteler.

Someone remarks: that was the best argument I've heard for eating meat and boozing it up! 

I reply:

People who lack a broad foundation of education, lack a fluency in several language, lack a familiarity with several religions, cultures, historical periods, and are not trained in critical and methodical thinking may easily be convinced by their simplistic views and conclusions.

We have all heard the term "karma" although not all of us understand the widespread implications of karma.

I want to give two illustrations of how karma, the cause and effect of our actions and choices, contain in themselves rewards and punishments apart from the issue of whether or not there is some Deity.

We remember the recent, tragic demise of Christopher Hitchens. For years he URGED young people to smoke, drink, over-indulge, since this life is ALL THERE IS. In his last days, he changed his mind and apologized for those remarks. I think if he had it to do all over again he would have led a healthier life, NOT that doing so would escape our mortality and death, but he would have been active intellectually perhaps into his 80s or 90s.

My second example comes from a lecture I attended, given by a medical social worker to an audience of hundreds of men and women of all ages from teen to elderly and all on hemodialysis. She made the analogy of our daily life as a little molecule in a container filled with fast moving molecules. When the little molecule ventures OUT from the corner of his/her medical regimen then he/she is strut by those other molecules frequently. BUT if the sickly molecule stays in the protective corner of their medications, diet, dialysis then they suffer much less.

So, you see, a Christian alcoholic (to take a random example), a Protestant one, anyway, might say "Well, yes, I am an alcoholic BUT I am a FORGIVEN alcoholic and I am guaranteed the eternal security of my salvation." An Atheist alcoholic might reason that there is no future life and no dread judgment seat of Christ BUT the suffering of alcoholism is very real and forgiveness is meaningless UNLESS once speaks of forgiving oneself and loving oneself enough to "do the right thing" - and we know what the right thing is EVEN if we believe in no God. Now the Protestant alcoholic finds consolation in the though of forgiveness and salvation, but other denominations look carefully at Paul's words that drunkards will not enter the kingdom of heaven.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

An Owl in a Ruined House

I don't see Romney as a terrible person. He is a successful entrepreneur. A nation is much like a huge corporation and needs a practical entrepreneur to keep it successful. What it does not need is someone who makes their wealth as a lobbyist or on books and lecture tours and show-business. One ultra conservative keeps me on ther FB list for the sake of diversity and they once explained to me my privileged position. When I mentioned that I would vote for Romney on principle they became incensed and said "Aha, then you do NOT support the policies of Obama." I explained that I see no hope for America in particular or the world in general and I am not gung-ho about any particular ideology or grand plan for a new world order. I see humanity as dystopia. I do not want some fruitcake like Rush, or Palin, or Bachmann, or even sanctimonious Santorum.  Religious convictions are like sexual desires; everyone experiences them but we should keep them to ourselves.  America itself is an evil. The concept of a sovereign nation goes against the interests of humanity. I remember a novel, "Bloodroot", and a scene in an abandoned church where a beautiful owl is trapped in the church and it frantically bashes itself against the ceiling not seeing that there are means of escape. The protagonist watches, helpless, as the owl destroys itself. Humanity is that owl in the abandoned church.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Can Religions Solve World Problems Part 2

You dont need true Islamic doctrine to support a cobalt bomb scenario, all you need are heretics with a distorted ideology and cobalt bomb technology, and there are no shortage of heretics in this world, are there?

If you watch documentaries of Communist Chinese in the 1960s you will see that they have a fervor of devotion to Communism which is equal to religious fervor. And the Koreans worship their "dear leader" - you dont need a religion to be zealous - there are zealous Atheists.

One Chinese teenage girl in a documentary from the 1960s said that American teenagers only think about sex and drugs, but Chinese teenagers think only about how to be good party members and help their society.

Any sort of religion is a form of mental illness, just like superstitions, and people who think that the world will be saved by a Christian or Islamic or Jewish theocracy are foolish. War and violence have been the ultimate deciding factors throughout history. Islam has not achieved any sort of unity any more that Christianity or Judaism or Hinduism or Buddhism. All one sees are centuries of sectarian divisions, colonial aggression, holy wars. This thread started with Ron Paul, who is welcomed here because he is sympathetic to the Muslim side while Clinton and Obama are seen as stupid evil puppets. I say the world is run by stupid evil puppets whose ultimate solution is weapons and violence, and now we have destructive power beyond our wildest dreams where each and every nuclear sub has more destructive power than all five years of WWII BOTH sides combined.

America's Republican party tries to out-Jesus each other and sees Jesus and religion as the solution to everything and even though the world is facing overpopulation and global warming, we should forbid all birth control, and abortions, and have as many babies as possible because that is pleasing to God

Abraham Maslow said "When the only tool you have is a hammer then every problem tends to become a nail." Well, the only tool you have is the Qur'an and so every problem you see should be solvable by your one and only tool. One Mullah said "books are useless because either they say what is in the Qur'an in which case they are redundant or else they something which is not in the Qur'an in which case they are blasphemy."

In the 1930s the Prohibition amendment was passed making alcohol illegal, but it was repealed after a few years because it CREATED more problems than it solved, including a mafia organized crime to supply bootleg alcohol. I gave up alcohol four years ago, but if Prohibition was up for a vote tomorrow I would not vote for Prohibition because I KNOW that once cannot control something like alcohol by criminalizing it. So the same goes for abortion. Abortion WAS criminal prior to Rowe v. Wade and yet the rich women went to countries where they could get an abortion and the poor women died in back alley abortions. Abortion is the worst form of birth control but you will not eliminate it by criminalizing it. There are alcoholics in Iran. I know because I know a doctor in Tehran who treats them. There are also heroin addicts in Iran. The heroin addicts are not punished as harshly as the alcoholics because the Qur'an does not forbid heroin as clearly and explicitly as it forbids alcohol. Sometimes they give out a punishment of 1000 lashes. That many lashes all at once would be fatal. So they give you 50 and let you heal, and then they give you 50 more, and let you heal, until you have received all 1000. But what good does it do? A man who is poor may steel, but then if you cut off his hand and his foot he will be less likely to earn an honest living. So what is the point?

Personally I think Ron Paul would be the best, but he will never get in because most Americans are stupid, and they cannot understand why Ron Paul would be the best. But America is doomed no matter who is in the White House. There is no single leader who can change the course of America's decline, in my opinion.

Buddhism points out a truth when it says that DESIRE is the source of all suffering, so therefore a paradise filled with sticky rivers and sex will not cure your human problem of desires which can never be satisfied and the suffering which follows from such desires.

Religion is very simple: My prophet can beat up your prophet with one hand tied behind his back. This is religions in a nutshell.

Why would an educated adult in the 21st century seriously believe some ancient superstitious religion. Why do I need any religion much less your religion. And by the way all Islamic societies seem unstable and beset with corruption but then so are all non-Islamic societies.

the problem is not any religion, the problem is human nature which is incurable... so the only end will be extinction... but each and every year a certain number of species go extinct

Islam and Christianity are useless little band-aids that people paste on incurable cancers.

what does all this superstitious religious nonsense have to do with anything. Religions only divide humanity, they do not unite.

there are no solutions apart from war and destruction, and if it should be that only the Australians and Canadians survive, you can bet that in 100 years they will be divided by some ideological conflict

The nations that are Islamic theocracy hardly seem like orderly paradises of peace and prosperity. So what will it achieve to make the entire world Muslim?

Ok - I did think of one solution long ago. Humans will design a new species of being with genetic engineering, a cyborg that is part Artificial Intelligence, and that new species will gain control and will see their human creators as an infection to be eliminated. These designer beings will replace their human creators. And the world will go on from there.

Our sun is a star which is too small to explode as a spectacular supernova, and would have to be four times larger to be a supernova, so in about 100,000 years it will increase in size as a white dwarf and at that point, the planet Earth will be too hot for life. After 8 billion years our sun, now a white dwarf will collapse upon itself as a singularity (black hole.) So we can kind of look down the road and see our own destruction, if we do not kill ourselves first with nuclear war or biological weapons.

Where is there any need to decriminalize murder? Do you see anyone standing trial for bin Laden's assassination or Saddam Hussein's execution, or the assassination of those Iranian scientists in their cars with magnet bombs. Nations kill with wars, drone strikes, and assassinations quite freely, all sides, there is no law which stops them. They make their own laws. G.W.Bush and Cheney should stand trial at the Hague for war crimes but they will never stand trial. I am simply describing the world and history as I see it with my plain eyes. You see the same facts that I see, whether you care to admit them or not.

If a man kills his neighbor, in any country, it is murder and he goes to trial and pays the price. If a president assassinates a dictator with drones, it is not murder, it is a military strike, and no one pays any criminal price. In fact, even the Geneva convention is ignored when it is violated by water boarding torture or detention without due process.

If in 1900 I had told the world about a World War, they would have called me crazy and said that such a large scale war would be impossible. And if I said that men will walk on the moon and robots will photograph Mars, again, I will be called crazy. Yet 1914-18 and 1935-40 showed us TWO world wars and now moon walks and robots on Mars are a reality. The world is filling with nuclear weapons so that even poorer countries have them. Why is it so difficult to imagine a World War III with nuclear weapons. Common sense tells you that it will happen sooner or later.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Can Religion Solve the Worlds Problems?

My side of a long thread in an Islamic group -

I don't know much about Ron Paul, or anyone else, but what I DO know is that even if Ron Paul is a political genius who could save America, the majority of Americans are not enthusiastic about voting for Ron Paul. I also know that for every great person in history whether it be Lincoln or Gandhi or Winston Churchill, there are no shortage of critics and detractors who portray such people as incompetent or corrupt, which notion I find incredible. So if we listen to everyone then we must conclude that all of mankind is incompetent and/or corrupt, and that notion I find credible.

OK - I am watching this interesting video. Ron Paul and Hillary Clinton are BOTH brilliant people in their own way and have risen to positions of prominence. I don't know anything much about you, Khurram Zaki , about your religious beliefs or your political affiliations. If your sympathies side with Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, U.A.E. etc. then of course in this video you are going to admire Ron Paul and find Clinton and Obama as questionable "puppets" of some sort, and your feelings are understandable. I am going to say something very blunt which may offend many, but it is how I see things. The very first religious scripture I ever read cover to cover when I was age 19 was a translation of the Qur'an by Mohammad Marmaduke Pickthall and I have reread portions over the years and I find it a very boring and substandard work which to me is obviously the product of one man, Mohammad, which served his agendas in the 7th century and perhaps in various ways improved things for the Arabic speaking tribes of Makka and Yatrib (Medina) . But, over the centuries the agendas and traditions surrounding the Qur'an and Hadith and the various Fitnah struggles for power and a rapid colonial/ideological aggression which lead to the Crusades and later the Spanish Inquisition (we all know these histories) - and ALL of the above named nations have been shaped and fashioned by the 7th century mentality of the Qur'an and Hadith, so that NOW, like a self-fulfilling prophecy, the entire world is divided into two camps, the camp of Satan and the camp of Allah, and both sides are preparing for a cataclysmic Armageddon conflict employing the most hideous weapons of mass destruction and biological warfare available. THEREFORE, it is also understandable if those who feel that they see the handwriting on the wall take a different side in the debate, and as ugly and unfair as war is, and as monstrous as genocide and ethnocide is, people weigh the options of a proactive strike with a view to sheer survival; a view which lays aside notions of ethics, morality, fairness, and yes, humanity.

Suppose you could look into a crystal ball and see two possible futures. One is a thousand years of gradual attrition by terrorism which can never be checked by methods of conventional warfare, defeat, surrender and occupation, until the entire world infrastructure is destroyed and life becomes unlivable for all humanity. The OTHER scenario is one year of genocide and wholesale extermination which is morally troubling but results in a homogeneous world which prospers for a thousand years in peace and tranquility. So, which do you choose, and you cannot have both?

Ah, but Khurram Zaki , you will not HAVE to choose... the choice will be made FOR you by all the dummy puppets of this world which have risen to positions of power and influence. AND you know you must have one or the other. You do not have some magic wand to wave over the multitudes to awaken them from their 7th century slumber of haram and halal, sharia, wudu which washes only the parts that do not smell, and Mullahs who tweeze the hairs of their armpits and imitate the habits and costume and diet of the most noble of all mankind, the illiterate man who produced the miracle of the Qur'an.

I could give you my reasons, but it would be like talking to a brick wall, and those reasons would roll off your back like water off a ducks back. You already have your firm convictions, rooted in the primitive superstitions of the 7th century, which is why words and diplomacy and compromise will bring no peace. The Saudi flag has the correct understanding which is a sword and the Shahada, because as Bukhari said, "Paradise is under the shade of swords" - so you own Islam tells you the same as I do, - war and death is the only way - the choice is between the 1000 years and the one year.

One Saudi engineer, a Wahabi, warned me NEVER to question anything about Islam, saying "we must accept EVERYTHING" without question. So where is there a place for your REASON in all this unquestioning acceptance.

Khurram Zaki you simply confirm what I often point out that IF the entire world TOMORROW converted to Islam, there would still be mayhem as all the various 73 sectarian divisions only ONE of which shall be saved (conveniently predicted by your Prophet, NOT in the Qur'an, but in the oral tradition which came to be known as "The Sayings of the Prophet") terrorize each other. Now, in those sayings of the Prophet, it is predicted that the Kaaba will be destroyed one day by someone from Abyssinia (Ethiopia) with the nick-name of "old skinny legs."

I imagine that America and Israel will say "better to die a free man than to live as a slave."

So, Khurram Zaki , you make me feel very sad because I can see that YOU, unlike those foolish Clinton/Obama puppets, YOU know the truth and you have the wisdom to lead the entire world to the true interpretation of Islam, and we will all live in a bright future of peace and harmony, and yet it is those dummy puppets who are on television while you have only this little Facebook group as your soap box/pulpit - yes, you make me sad indeed!

So, in your "Brave New Islamic World" will you give the ladies drivers licenses or will you take them away?

Everyone is a heretic in somebody's book, including me.

What are you saying "why not" to? Drivers licenses for women. Islam holds that depictions of human or animal images are haram and a belly full of pus is better than being a poet, and music is haram, but a drum is allowed, so what will you do about all these things in your Brave New World? Some Indonesian Mullahs wrote a fatwah that tobacco is haram which of course everyone ignores, but what will your position on tobacco be? Let's here it, Mr. Answer Man, since you are one of the few gifted with reason and logic and understanding.

Will cameras and photographs be haram or halal?

But what happened to all your rational reason? If Mohammad came back to life tomorrow and watched the music videos in Egypt, would he be pleased or angry? It sound to me like you are making up your own flavor of Islam! So if tobacco is halal then why did those Indonesian Mullahs (who are SUNNI) write a fatwah that tobacco is haram. Is it not obvious that tobacco is MORE harmful than alcohol and that alcohol is haram?

Well, good for you. At least you are sincere. Now suppose your reasoning and argument convinces me to convert to Islam, but after several years I apostatize, then will you have me executed?

Islamic tradition teaches that every time there is a call to prayer, the devil, Shaitan, whispers in each persons ear reasons why they should not go to the Masjid, and then Shaitan turns his back to the Masjid and breaks wind. Do you believe this Khurram Zaki - and yet Allah could not speak even to Mohammad the Seal of the Prophets, but rather Allah spoke to angel Gabreel and it is Gabreel who recited the Surahs to Mohammad. Now wouldn't it make more sense if Allah could speak to everyone, directly, and if Shaitan could speak to no one. Oh, perhaps you will tell me that Allah foreknew and foreordained from before the creation of the world which souls would believe and which souls would go to torment and this life is merely a test to demonstrate to the unbeliever that he truly deserves torment.

Now, Aiyesha was betrothed to Mohammad at age 6 and the marriage was consummated according to Hadith when she was nine, so will you go along with Iran and make the marriage age for girls to be nine, and will you favor arranged marriages over "love marriages?"

What I believe, personally, is that any person of any religion who sees that religion as a model or paradigm for stable world government is either a liar or is suffering from some serious mental disorder. I am not an Atheist, but rather an Agnostic, in that whatever this universe is and divinity, if any divinity exists, it beards no resemblance whatsoever to Allah, or Jesus, or Jehovah, or Krishna, or Shiva or Ahura Mazdah, etc. Furthermore, in the approximately 5000 years of recorded history at our disposal we can vividly see that no government whether secular or a theocracy has succeeded in making lasting peace. If there is a God he/she/it is probably on the other side of the universe creating some successful beings and has abandoned our pathetic Earth long ago as a failure. One general, in the 20th century, said "Humans are technological giants and ethical infants." I think we will all torture and destroy each other in an Armageddon conflict, and once we are gone, the universe will be a better place.

Look at the past 1500 years of Islamic history and explain to me how Islam has created stable, productive, harmonious, lasting order. I do not see it. In the 14th century the genius Ibn Khaldun of Tunisia, the father of sociology, was the first to realize that human history progresses in vast repeating cycles of barbarians, rising to the heights of an empire, only to decay and crumble and the hands of other barbarians who in turn repeat the cycle.

Yes, and when you say "Armageddon may not destroy ALL" you come around to exactly what I said earlier in this thread, that the world is divided into two ideological camps, and the only solution is for one to annihilate the other absolutely, completely, and then hope that the survivors can find some kind of world harmony. Otherwise we will have a thousand years of gradual attrition from terrorism. Those are the only alternatives that I see. I certainly do not see all the sectarian divisions of Islam sorting themselves out into one united Ummah under one unambiguous Sharia.

Ibn Khaldun was living in an enlightened society while Europe was still in the dark ages, and the Arabs gave shelter to the Greek philosophers who fled the Christian tyranny, and then gave the Greek texts to the European Christians. But the Islam of today does not reflect the Islam of Ibn Khaldun's day, or the Islam of Spain before the Inquisition.

Dialectic is words is b.s. which is why the Saudi flag has a sword backed up by words. It is interesting that only Buddhism spread through the world peacefully without the sword or colonial aggression/oppression.

The first Sufi Martyr, Hallaj, was hanged by Orthodox Sunni because he exclaimed that he was "one with Allah" and Sufi mysticism approaches very close to the bhakti devotion of Hinduism. In fact someone wrote a book to show how close Jallaludin Rumi is to Ramakrishna. You people are peddling a mish-mash of cafeteria Islam, a little of this, a little of that, making it up as you go to suit you. I know one American convert to Islam who takes whatever he needs from whatever tradition. He wants to stay with his girl friend so he does a Shi'a Muta contract marriage with her for one year. I know another convert to Islam who is a professor, with no time for proper Wudu, so she has a STONE in her office and touches the stone as she runs down the hall muttering her rakas under her breath, but wudu with stone or sand is only for extreme circumstances in the desert when water is unavailable.

But that is SECULAR HUMANISM - you dont need Mohammad or the Quran for that, you have Henry David Thoreau and the Transcendentalists and the Unitarian Universalists - I watched that movie "Ibrahim" or "The Rose in the Qur'an" with Omar Sharif who converted to Islam BUT because he kissed a Jewish actress in a movie Egypt would not show his films for 10 years.

In 10,000 years every culture and religion and political system has failed, and you shall fail also, and the human race will destroy itself in hatred but it will all be done in the name of God and a quest for what is holy and pure. Your word "Pakistan" means a pure society does it not. In Egypt, the bureaucracy exists solely for the benefit of the bureaucrats of the kleptocracy and BAKSHEESH, bribery and tips.

Aha, I think it was Barbra Streisand that Omar Sharif kissed,... my memory is slow at age 63

and don't you know, you are not supposed to say CONVERT you are supposed to say REVERT because Islam is the only true original religion so people REVERT to it even if they were never Muslim. And dont you know, in the Qur'an it says that baby Jesus in his cradle shouted aloud "I am the slave of Allah!"

Most of the world believes that Turkey committed a holocaust killing 1.5 million Armenian Christians in 1917 but Turkey has always denied that. When someone warned Hitler not to kill the Jews, Hitler said "Turkey did it to the Armenians and no one noticed."

I dont like America one single bit. I think they have a lot of karmic payback in store for them for the wrongs they have done over the centuries. But this is not a world of justice or fairness or compassion but rather a dog eat dog world in which only the most ruthless and amoral will survive. America has forgotten how to kill and forgotten how to die. America fights wars at arms length with mercenaries. Rome had an army of mercenaries in its final days.

I could google on a lot of verses in the Qur'an - paraphrasing from memory, "Sometimes things which you do not like are good for you. You do not like war but Allah had ordained war for you" -- and elsewhere, "so therefore take up the sword and destroy all those who oppose Islam" --- don't you remember verses like this? We all know what the book says.

Google on "cobalt bomb" and you will read that it is a bomb which has never actually been built but which in theory could be built and it would destroy all life on the planet. Now suppose some group decided that the most righteous way to paradise is to do exactly that, and win their 72 supernatural houri virgins. All the true believers will become martyrs and go to paradise and the rest will go to torment. Now there is a reasonable religious solution to the world's problems, no? Wouldn't you like to be a martyr and go to paradise?

I am simply pointing out that the Qur'an looks to war and killing and violence as a solution just like all the other cultures and religions.

You dont need true Islamic doctrine to support a cobalt bomb scenario, all you need are heretics with a distorted ideology and cobalt bomb technology, and there are no shortage of heretics in this world, are there?

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