Saturday, March 26, 2011

One Question to the Wisest

Sometimes when I am in a crowd I think that IF I were some well known figure, say, Ernest Hemingway in the 1950s or any famous person, then people would make some effort to speak to me even if they do not like me simply to have some contact with fame. Then I thought to myself "SUPPOSE someone were renowned as the most wise or most educated, then what might people ask them."  

Hypothetical scenario: I have been chosen to meet the world's wisest person and ask them any one question. The media is gathered to record the historic event: I ask "Whom do you most admire and why?" - What can you see as the most obvious fallacy in this scenario besides the obvious improbability?

I should have sad not "one question" but "one sentence" ... you are allowed to say one sentence so then the sentence would be "Whom do you most admire and why?"  Of course the New Testament describes a "wiser than a Solomon" and we see that many are apathetic and even among those who are healed (the ten lepers) only ONE returns to say something.  The real problem with the scenario is the assumption that anything may be arranged in some linear scale of importance. Our society is conditioned to think in terms of TOP TEN or TOP 100.  For example Tesla and Godel were brilliant in their respective fields but had no wisdom with respect to money/finance so both died in poverty.  Stephen gives a good answer which reminds me how Sartre refused the Nobel prize saying that if he were to acknowledge such an organization as the Nobel committee then he could not in good conscience be a philosophy (at least that is the account that I heard.)

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Two Sinclairs

In my life I have frequently confused the two authors Upton Sinclair and Sinclair Lewis who, ironically, spent one summer in the same experimental commune. It was Upton Sinclair's novel The Jungle which called the nation's attention to abuses in the meat packing industry. We had to read The Jungle in Junior High School. I was too stupid to understand what was meant by "They use everything from the pig but the squeal."  What it meant was that the pigs were forced to walk up ramps until they reached the top of a tall tower where they were slaughtered, hung on meat hooks, and the WEIGHT of the pigs drove all the machinery of the slaugher house, so everything but the OINK was used. The awakening which Sinclair's  novel caused led to the formation of the Pure Food and Drug Act. Teddy Roosevelt met with Upton Sinclair to congratulate him but scolded him for being a tad too socialist. Sinclair Lewis was the first American to win a Nobel prize for literature  Sinclair Lewis was possibly the first to tackle the civil rights issue in years before it came to a head in the early 1960s.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bush Personality and Iraq Surge

Stephen Benedict Dyson - Univ. Of CT - PSQ Political Science Quarterly - Winter 2010 to 2010
- closed cognitive style - stubbornness, high risk acceptance, closed-mindedness.

Stephen Biddle wrote an essay in Foreign Affairs entitled "Seeing Baghdad, Thinking Saigon" regarding strengthening a friendly govt. Against an insurgent force. -- Petraeus, McMaster; people who have thought very seriously about war in all its manifestations.
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Lazy Intellectual

Richard J. Wallace & James V. Wallace - Maximum Knowledge, Minimum Effort published by Adams Media Avon Mass- Philosophy, Music, The Classics, Modern Language, History, Language Arts, Religion, Social Sciences, Mathematics e.g. Pg. 358 - Mathematics through history timeline 3000 BCE Hieroglyphic numerals ... 1915 Einstein Relativity. - available at BORDER'S for $16.95
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I Used to Know That

Stuff you forgot from school - Caroline Taggart - $14.95 At Borders - published by Reader's Digest --- English, Literature, Math, Science, History, Geography, General Studies --- excerpts: trochee- a long syllable followed by a short syllable- Tiger!/Tiger!/Burning bright--- brief synopses of Shakespeare's major plays ---Math: mean, median, mode- Chemistry: Avogadro's Number- Physics: Ohm's Law- History: McKinley was assassinated by an anarchist in Buffalo... Notable kings and queens of England... Major world conflicts starting with The Battle of Hastings in 1066--- The world's largest bodies of water: Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic--- world's longest rivers (Nile is first)
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I Used to Know That

Stuff you forgot from school - Caroline Taggart - $14.95 At Borders - published by Reader's Digest --- English, Literature, Math, Science, History, Geography, General Studies --- excerpts: trochee- a long syllable followed by a short syllable- Tiger!/Tiger!/Burning bright--- brief synopses of Shakespeare's major plays ---Math: mean, median, mode- Chemistry: Avogadro's Number- Physics: Ohm's Law- History: McKinley was assassinated by an anarchist in Buffalo... Notable kings and queens of England... Major world conflicts starting with The Battle of Hastings in 1066--- The world's largest bodies of water: Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic--- world's longest rivers (Nile is first)
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GIMP Bible-

$49.99 by Jason van Gumster & Rob. Shimonski ISBN 978-0-470-52397-1.
Raster & Vector graphics
Automated Scripts
Native format XCF
Faking an ink drawing
Zealous crop
Channel mixer
Gradient map
Calligraphic lines
Clone tool
Healing tool
Gaussian blur
Tileable blur
Distortion filter
Whirl & pinch
Maze qbist
Fractal space
Animation filters
Spinning globe
Batch processing
Filtermacro window
GAP's Video Navigator
Audio tool
Scripting languages
Gnu Image Manipulation Program
Peter Mattis
Spencer Kimball

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

6th Grade Daily Proverb

In 6th grade, our teacher, Carlyle Percival Aveni, would write a new proverb on the blackboard each day and make us copy them in a notebook and hand the notebook in monthly for examination as to completeness, neatness, etc... one of those many proverbs was : "Once the cord of friendship is broken then even though it is retied there will always remain a knot."

Monday, March 14, 2011

On Facebook Groups and Public Domain Open Source

A Facebook group may be PUBLIC, in which case anyone may see the posts, PRIVATE, in which case the public can see the membership and group statement, and request to join, but cannot see the contents unless they join OR a group may be SECRET which simply means that it will not even show up in the search engines... BE AWARE, that anyone with ADMIN status has the power to de-admin all other admins and take over the group, or delete it. There is no SUPER-Admin/founder/owner. This is GOOD in the sense that groups may be self-perpetuation, like our constitutional democracy (in theory.) It is necessary to have several admins simply to police posts, and approve requests to join. I am an admin of the highest integrity and have never done anything destructive or malicious to any system or application simply because it would be an indelible blotch on my escutcheon. Also, an admin or moderator is in a position of power and so they should remain aloof, impartial and allow a level playing field for all members. I have no shortage of groups and Internet duties, so only avail yourself of my services if you need me. 

An old Hasidic saying something about "burial shrouds have no pockets" which of course means we take nothing with us except perhaps the audit trail of our words and actions... so there is something to be said for placing one's learning in public domain. The world would be impoverished if people like Maimonides had been miserly and secretive.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Praq Rado in Dreaming American

DREAMING AMERICAN presented by Barbet Schroeder. Written and directed by Lee Percy Based on true story by Praq Rado Executive Producer Barbet Schroeder, Produced by Paul Levin, Yada Zamora Synopsis: A young man, who has fled to the US fights to keep his dream alive, battles the harsh realities of New York City and discovers it’s seamy side, but as success comes within reach finds himself up against an uncaring immigration system. Based on a true story, Dreaming American is sometimes humorous, sometimes sad but always a moving story of making it in America.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jury Duty 1

This week I served jury duty and for the first time it dawned upon me that one of the ten commandments forbids bearing false witness  but nowhere is there any mention of "truth."  Then I became curious to know if the word "truth" appears anywhere in the King James Bible. Strong's Exhaustive Concordance indicate that the word "TRUTH" appears ONCE in the Old Testament (Psalm 115) and once in the 2nd Epistle of John.  Now Jesus forbids anyone to swear even by the hairs of their head but to let their "nay" be "nay" and there "yay" be "yay." So WHY then is it that we SWEAR to tell the WHOLE truth and nothing BUT the truth "so help me God"....   which of the many Gods are we talking about here... I mean is it Jesus, or Jehovah, or Allah, or Zeus or Woden...  and in what sense would some God "help" me to tell the truth... this seems to imply that I am not capable of telling the truth on my own, so why make ME the middle-man, why not ask this God directly?  And I God's sock-puppet that he puts his hand in me and works my mouth like Sherry worked Lamb Chop?  As an armed court officer ushered us into the court room he said "the GENTLEMEN should remove their hats."  Well, is this not discrimination? Why should males be treated any differently than females?  Does this mean that they would allow a Muslim women to wear her veil in the court room (which I rather doubt in this climate.) And in each court room is a huge plaque on the wall which says IN GOD WE TRUST. Now what does this foolish statement mean? Since every religion seems to describe its deity as infallible and benevolent, then why sort of moron would NOT trust in such a God if such a god actually exists? I thought that Jefferson desired to erect a "wall" between church and state. And in what sense does ANYONE have access to the truth?  If I ask you "how much is 2 plus 2" surely you will answer FOUR, but in what sense do you KNOW that 2 plus 2 is four? Can you stand at a blackboard with chalk and demonstrated that 2 plus 2 actually equals four. Do two apples plus two oranges equal four of something. Oh, but that is apples and oranges, isn't it.  Google informs me that the proof that 2 plus 2 equals four would take over 200 steps and could only be made by the likes of a Bertrand Russell or an Alfred North Whitehead.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Sitting 1st day jury duty

Educational film starts with trial by endurance which is now reserved only for sitting persidents.
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Monday, March 07, 2011

An unusual project today

An (expletive deleted) casting director sent a poorly planed EMAIL with 20 performers names and I had to find the phone and email for each one in casting networks and email them two sides for some commercial.

From my perspective, the casting call was not well thought out, but I suppose from a directors point of view that is why they pay an agency... to do the grunt work... 

The audition (or whatever you call it) is Wednesday...  (Drew is coming in tomorrow and i am on jury duty) ... and about 5 of the people did not have email addresses.... I got all done with those 20 and THEN the [expletive deleted]  casting director sends a second email explaining that there can be no SAG, and then a bunch of substitutions.... and it was a very vague email... no mention of pay, no mention of the directors phone number... so I had to google for that.

One actor wants the part but is in New Orleans and cannot get a flight because of Mardis Gras.

Two people wrote to say they were abroad (one in Europe and the other in Australia).


I created a folder on desktop  called something like email-projects.... then in that I created a folder with the project name... then I saved the entire email as NOTE .txt . AND I saved the two word document sides... then I resaved the original email with the name list over and over under each performers name, and deleted all the names EXCEPT their name from their copy.... THEN, I opened and ADDED each one I found as a contact (because the Yahoo address book SUCKS). MOTE THAT IF YOU METHODICALLY ADD EVERYONE TO AN ADDRESS BOOK THEN IN THEORY LIFE WILL EVENTUALLY BECOME EASIER IF YOU DO NOT DIE FIRST... but even then it will be easier for those who replace you.  I created a GROUP for that casting director's name and Co. and tagged each CONTACT with that group.  I pasted the wednesday time and date in their NOTES and filled in name, address phone...  USE THE CONTACT NOTE SECTION TO DOCUMENT RECENT ACTIVITY. ...

As I successfully sent each email with the two sides attached, I changed the FILE name to leading 0000 so FINISHED files would float to the top in a directory listing....  I had a copy called ORIGINAL where I mintained a call list. I had a text file for the BODY of the email which starts off with DP's famous caution... DO NOT put down your own phone or email...put the AGENCY phone and email and erase your contact info from head-shots... wonder how many abide by such instructions? ,, I guess it is the "honor system" ....   Five had NO EMAIL so I had to try and call them on my cell... 

A curse be upon those interns of yesteryear who never bother to key in an email address... and a curse upon performers who are too dumb to include their email address... what do they expect, CARRIER PIGEONS?

I am posting this to illustrate some of the things that an Intern may have to do in certain situations.

Oh... Lou gave me a valuable suggestion.... whenever you look at a resume... check out IMBD because ALL the televsion  roles will appear (though some low budget films may not.)

Truth 4

Pilate laughs and says "what is TRUTH" but it is elsewhere and to others that Jesus says "I am the truth"... which in secular humanistic terms might simply be understood as that person is successful who gets through life with some measure of satisfaction, accomplishment, peace of mind, and a clear conscience... which is to say that truth or ethics is not absolute but relative, contextual, situational... so Neanderthal did ok for 400,000 years with a polity of anarchy, but that doesnt mean that it would work for us, nor does it mean that Neanderthal should have had Facebook and cell phones. To every thing there is a season.

Truth 3

It is obvious that we "see as through a veil darkly" even in the context of Heisenberg's uncertainty and Godels Indefiniteness. So how can we presume to know the truth. Popper says we cannot KNOW that every atom of copper conducts electricity since we cannot examine every atom of copper in the universe.

More regarding TRUTH

Plus, in Biblical terms, when the brothers of Joseph come to Egypt to ask his forgiveness, Joseph replies "you intended EVIL but God transformed your evil into GOOD" because had they not thought to murder Joseph, but then sold him into slavery, he would not now be in a position of wealth and power to save his kinfolk from famine.  Solomon also writes "there are ways which seemeth good unto a man but the end thereof is death" which again demonstrates that we KNOW what is wrong and bad, the darkness of the imaginings of the heart, but we do not know what GOOD or TRUTH is. Protestants (among others) conveniently FORGET huge sections of the Old Testament when it suits their agendas, but the harp on one verse out of context when it serves their agenda (e.g Martin Luther and Habbakuk, for the just man shall be saved by his faith).

What is TRUTH?

It is true that no one has access to the truth, which means that the only truth we possess is APOPHATIC (speaking of what is not.) All mathematical "truths" are true only in the context of some axiomatic system which of necessity is flawed by the recursive nature of linguistic/symbolic predication.

You see, rabbis Hillel and Shamai had it right.... "that which is HATEFUL to yourself; do not do that to others." The so called 'silver rule' is WISER than the golden rule "DO unto others as you would have  others do unto you" since that presumes that we know what is good for others or even for ourselves.  Our courts are in error to ask us to SWEAR to tell the WHOLE truth and nothing but the truth. Even to claim that 2 plus 2 equal four is a mathematical proof with over 200 steps, so most people answer FOUR as hearsay. We CAN know when we are consciously LYING, so we should solemnly affirm that we testify under penalty of perjury and will not lie or commit lies of omission. But Akira Kurosawas movie Rashomon clearly demonstrates that different people will testify very differently regarding the same event, which is now a term in behavioral science "The Rashomon Effect." Imagine an illiterate man on the witness stand who is asked "do you KNOW how much is 2 plus 2"... he has no knowledge of arithmetic but wants to lie and give the appearance of being educated. Someone in the court room holds up 4 fingers.... or he makes up a number which simply happens to be the correct answer.... now has he told the truth, or has he lied under oath?

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Praise Ye the Name of The Lord - (Psalm 134) - Plagal 1st Tone

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Best to start with GIMP

Yes, it is true that GIMP was written by a bunch of GNU-Linux propeller heads who by very definition make everything counterintuitive with a kludgey interface.  The first time you open GIMP you are presented with THREE SEPARATE windows/applications and you begin to feel dizzy and nauseous (something like the first trimester but then I will never really know what THAT is like.)  Anyway, no matter how kludgey and awkward something is, once you become FLUENT in it, then it becomes second nature. So, if I were advising a young teen who is interested in photography, I would suggest that they learn GIMP first because IF you can do many things in GIMP, then you will easily pick up Photoshop later in life when you are wealthy and can afford Photoshop because you charge your clients outrageous hourly rates (and of course you charge BILLABLE HOURS.. ha ha)

GIMP vs. Photoshop / Dreamweaver vs. KompoZer

Those of us who have money to burn should definitely purchase Photoshop from Adobe for $800 and then spend $200 each year on the updates because most of the business world uses Photoshop and the interface is said to be more intuitive and user friendly (except I may never know because I never seem to have any money to purchase Photoshop which is why I use free GIMP.) Photoshop is PROPRIETARY software and one proprietary thing which Photoshop has which GIMP can never have is PANTONE colors which is a proprietary system for using PANTONE numbers to exactly match various multitudinous shades of color. GIMP cannot include Pantone colors or it would cease to be open source (and free.) On the other hand if you do work for people who DEMAND Pantone then you MUST use Photoshop. It is true that GIMP always seems to remain several releases behind Photoshop in functionality, but then Photoshop is always forcing you to spend that $200 per year to stay current. Now many photographers DO NOT need all the infinite features of full Photoshop so they purchase PHOTOSHOP ESSENTIALS for something like $100.

NO, this is not a horror Sci-Fi thriller, it is how some people make their living.

Right now it is Saturday, March 5th, at 10:14 p.m. and I have just spent the past solid 12 hours teaching myself to use KompoZer (which is a free open source alternative to $300 Adobe Dreamweaver) GIMP (which is a free open source alternative to $1000 Photoshop) and Filezilla (client) which is a free FTP (file transfer program) which does the job (and there are FTP's which COST MONEY (perish the thought.)

I should add that I used free text editor to edit some of the HTML.

I should ALSO add that I used a screen capture/image editor PICPICK to

insert the actor's NAMES into their thumbnails.

You may examine what I have done so far by clicking on THIS link

Go to the bottom of that page and click on the link which says 


which will bring you to THIS link

which has the THUMBNAILS of 18 randomly selected actors who are in Dorothy's database.

When I started at 10 a.m. I didn't have the foggiest idea what I was doing. All I knew was that whatever I did, it must not in any way disturb the present functionality of Dorothy's website

I would ask you to pay particular attention to THIS one actor's profile:

because I began to experiment with certain features of KompoZer such as TABLES and various fonts of which, curiously enough, I chose BROADWAY. Now, I realize some people

may find certain fonts tiresome after a while so do feel free to make suggestions. Nothing is written in stone (except, well, of course, Moses's Ten Commandments, but then he smashed them and had to go back and get them all over again, but that was before the days of carbon paper... but most of you are too young to even remember carbon paper.)

Anway, I spent the first several hours experimenting and failing until I stumbled upon something that worked which is why I am wise to pause and document it all before I fall asleep and forget everything. And I shall post this now before I write another word, so that the computer does not crash......

(to be continued)


One of the things about Dorothy's current site which bothers me is that when you look at the thumbnails, you can barely make out the performers's names which makes it difficult to search for a certain performer when asked (and I was asked to do such a thing.)

I do not know very much about HTML.  I decided to use GIMP to RESIZE each photo once as a tiny thumbnail and again as a larger image for the profile/resume.  The thumbnail has the performer's name as TEXT. Each thumbnail is also a link so when you click on one it opens up the resume and since the performer's name is in the resume there is no need for text in the larger photo.  I do not understand how IMG height and width work and so I used the resizing of GIMP to achieve the image size and this eliminates the distortion which comes from wrongly using img height and width parameters.

The other thing I don't care for is the way the resume shows as an image. I realize it is faster to just plunk a scanned image but I want to see if it makes sense to key in the curriculum vitae. One advantage is more control over the appearance using table. A second advantage is that POSSIBLY the search engines can index on the text of the page and bring more traffic to the site. A third advantage is that anyone viewing the resume may copy and paste details.

This entire effort is an act of desparation for several reasons.

1.) My wife is in Las Vegas with her sister for 2 weeks so I can stay up all night long and be as sloppy as I please. Once I learn all these new things then I will be able to do them more easily during spare hours but the initial learning phase requires long hours of total immersion.

2.) I have jury duty starting TUESDAY so Lord only knows how that will go, but I will feel better if I have these skills under my belt.

3.) It is good if more than one person is able to update Dorothy's website on the remote chance that the one person who CURRENTLY does it may become preoccupied with something else (possibly a newborn.)

4.) As new interns fall into Dorothy's WEB, they may ALSO learn some of these useful and tedious things.

ALWAYS REMEMBER that no matter how complex a piece of software is, you usually wind up using only 10 or 20 commands over and over and over.

I am fortunate to have 4 computers in my livingroom. One is Ubuntu Linux and the other 3 are Windows XP.

Last week I installed KompoZer on my Ubuntu machine but could not figure out how to connect the FTP aspect to Dorothy's HOST. 

This morning I installed the free Window's version of KompoZer and after about an hour figured out how to get it to connect to the website host.

Two weeks ago I was desperately searching for an FTP that would connect to the HOST and I chose a 30 day free trial of CuteFTP (which I had used in 1999) but then I figured out how to get Filezilla FTP. My huge mistake was that I installed the SERVER version of Filezilla, when what I really need is a CLIENT version.

Three weeks ago I was able to use CuteFTP to DOWNLOAD all the HTML for Dorothy's site.

I also made backups of the Actor and Actress files which contain a folder for each performer. In each folder is a scan of the head shot and a scan of the resume.  I decided to start my experiment with Actors and save the Actresses for dessert. (One does have to start SOMEWHERE.)

I created a folder called DPThumbs which contained a folder called tActors, and another folder called Larger and a third folder called Smaller.

tActors contains all of the actors folders which includes head shot and resume scanns.

As I created each THUMBNAIL I stored it in "Smaller" folder, and as I created each large profile photo I stored it in the "Larger" folder. My naming convention, arbitrarily chosen, is that the thumb nail for an actor named John Smith is called tjohnsmith.jpg while the larger photo for the profile is called ljohnsmith.jpg  (notice the lower case L) and the actual page which contains the HTML for the photo and resume is johnsmith.html  

On the actual SERVER for the website I created a folder called testdir

and within testdir is a folder called testheadshots

and within testheadshots is a folder called male

and within the folder "male" are THREE folders: Actor_Pages (which has the johnsmith.html), a second folder called "fullsizepics" which contains the ljohnsmith.jpg and a folder called "thumbs" which contains the small thumb nail pics.

A page called TEST3.HTML

contains the code for all the links to the profiles as thumb nails pics with the performers's names embedded.  You will notice that each thumbnail is a different size which is the result of not knowing exactly what I am doing with GIMP when I resize. BUT, the human eye ENJOYS variety, so this may actually be a nice touch.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Escrow Funds


The crowd funding approach has long precedents in the sphere of charity[citation needed]. It is receiving renewed attention from both commercial and social entrepreneurs now that social mediaonline communities and micropayment technology make it straightforward to engage and secure donations from a group of potentially interested supporters at very low cost.

One of the pioneers of crowdfunding in the music industry have been the British rock group Marillion. In 1997 American fans underwrote an entire US tour[2] to the tune of $60,000, with donations following an internet campaign - an idea conceived and managed by the fans before any involvement by the band. Marillion has later used crowdfunding with great success as a method to fund the recording and marketing of several albums, Anoraknophobia,[2] Marbles[3] and Happiness Is the Road.[4]

Crowdfunding in the film industry was pioneered by Spanner Films with the climate change documentary The Age of Stupid[5]The Age of Stupid team, headed up by Franny Armstrong, successfully raised more than £900,000 over a period of 5 years (december 2004 to 2009, date of release) to cover both the production and promotion of the film. The film’s crew worked at very low wages but also received crowd-funding “shares”. Under the terms of the crowd-funding contract the investors and crew are paid once a year for ten years from the release of the film.[6]

They were followed by french entrepreneurs and producers Guillaume Colboc and Benjamin Pommeraud from company fr:Guyom Corp. when they launched a public internet donation campaign in August 2004 to fund their film, Demain la Veille (Waiting for Yesterday).[7]. Within 3 weeks, they managed to raise nearly $50,000, allowing them to shoot their film.

Crowdfunding's earliest known citation[citation needed] was by Michael Sullivan, fundavlog, August 12, 2006, "Many things are important factors, but funding from the 'crowd' is the base of which all else depends on and is built on. So, Crowdfunding is an accurate term to help me explain this core element of fundavlog."

Financial core

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Thursday, March 03, 2011


Melissa may agree that the single GREATEST health problem for seniors and also for all with chronic conditions like diabetes and high cholesterol is COMPLIANCE to a regular regimen of medication, exercise, moderation, and all those things we hate to do because being naughty and lazy is ever so much more fun and the rewards of virtuel are tasteless, odorless and as invisible as Plato's EIDEI, Justice and Beauty.

Senior Health and Wellness

Yes, FB notifies in the sense that I see your post on my wall, and see a new group to the left of my home page. Excellent idea. Intellectually, I realize that we are in the same age group, but emotionally, I see you as a petulant ingénue with a pouting bee-sting lower lip (which begs me to google for the word ingénue complete with accent) and now I notice a magazine by that name... ... which in turn reminds my of Dorothy Palmer, who is a talent agent for such vivacious young performers,...  which reminds me of Dorothy's age 80 eternal optimism and desire to live to 150 which, which for a lateral thinker that I am, brings us right back to health and wellness for people in this twilight time which is as Baudelaire might often say the crepuscular dawn (and all this in a sentence of paragraph length which might make St. Paul blush, but he would use it anyway.)  I think I shall add Dorothy Palmer to this group.  And I volunteer my services as admin, should you feel the need. I do know Facebook Group functionality inside and out. Thanks for the add. So where is that old rascal, Fenton. Is he lurking about. He would post even longer paragraphs and drag Teddy Roosevelt and Stalin into the mix along with freemarket economy. (ha ha)

The study of people and religions

We notice differences between people (no two are alike) and as we grow older, we may come to feel that we have gained some wisdom from our observations. So, too, we notice differences and similarities in religions, both Abrahamic, Vedic and Animist. A study of people is not a rigorous science but life is less successful without such a study. And as Carl Jung observed, those who do not settle the "religion" question by mid-life are more apt to suffer some psychopathology. A ballast  is only a bunch of rocks and soil but it helps the ship stay on a steady course.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Social Networking and International Law

TV show (The Good Wife, I think): Social Network Company does business in China. Dissident posts something. China demands IP address, company complies, dissident is imprisoned and tortured for five years and then sues the Social Networking Company. Yet, if USA demanded an IP address of someone posting re: overthrow of govt. .. well you get the moral dilemma, obey local laws, or consider human rights.

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