Thursday, April 21, 2011

Republic/Conservative/Right v. Democrat/Liberal/Left

Several years ago one insightful person on Facebook explained to me that Conservatives are people who are not very curious and want to maintain status-quo; they have wealth or power or both and they want to conserve and retain that wealth and power. By contrast the liberal/progressive type is curious by nature, likes change and perhaps has little wealth or power to lose and therefore has less reason to fear change (or less to lose.)  Wm. F. Buckley was certainly an intellectual but was conservative and leaned to the right. IS it possible for a Republican like Buckley (or Goldwater) to gain momentum in today's political climate. Some say no. Is it fair to say that the more people know the more they lean to the left and the less they know the more they lean to the right? I have heard that said but I don't know how true it is. Someone once said to Adelai Stevenson "You are every THINKING man's choice" and Stevenson replied, "I KNOW, but I need a MAJORITY."  Abraham Lincoln was the very first Republican candidate and during Lincoln's term in office Republicans resembled the Democrats of today and Lincoln's opposition resembled the Republicans of today. Many emancipated slaves became Republican's back then for obvious reasons. Yet both parties have changed and evolved dramatically over the many years. 

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