Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wrote Memorization and Top Ten Lists

I think the fallacy lies in our notion that things may be measured. We see nighttime talk show hosts rank the top ten of something with drum rolls. Someone asks what our favorite book is assuming that such is a meaningful question. The Jains are more realistic in there notion of "anekantavada" that any attempt to express reality is but one single aspect of reality. The Sufi wise-fool Nasrudin is more accurate in his reply to the man who believes in causality when he says "Consider that convicted murderer being led to the gallows: what is the CAUSALITY. Is it the man who gave him money to purchase the dagger. Is it the witness who saw and testified."  So much of my education (prior to St. Johns Annapolis) was focused upon rote memorization. I once memorized the periodic table of elements. I have forgotten more than most of the human race has ever known. And now, with the Internet technology, I need no remember anything. I need only know how and where to look to find it.

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