Saturday, May 14, 2011

Facebook problems reading post history

Will, I shall try to research your problem. Off hand I would suggest to 1) reboot your machine  2.) try a different browser... i.e if you were using Windows Explorer then try Firefox.. or if Firefox, then try Chrome or Safari...  (always try to have several browsers installed) .... next I would suggest clearing out your history and cache... I don't know off hand how to explain that... I can muddle my way through it..the goal is to be doing a fresh read from the Facebook server rather than from cache memory on your local drive. There are buttons on browser to FORCE a re-read... I have noticed various bugs in Facebook on various issues...  please feel free to ask more questions...  some problems simply resolve themselves with time, after some hours or days...  I personally have the habit of copying, pasting and reposting my own comments to so they will feed into several other blogs and microblogs... so that is one way to keep track of what one has written... 

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