Sunday, May 15, 2011

My money, your money, our money

I knew a Protestant minister's wife (phi beta kappa in math and theology) with two gorgeous 10 year old girls. She explained that she intended to keep them SO BUSY with activities that they would never have time to even think about sex, drugs, sin, etc.  I thought to myself "It doesn't work that way" but I just nodded and said "Good idea!" She was a very confrontational person who always wanted to demonstrate her moral superiority. One day she challenged me asking "do YOU ever pay part of your step-son's tuition" and I said we have no concept of "my money" and "your money" ... I just gave whatever I had to my wife and since she is a CPA I felt she would use it wisely.  The preacher's wife's face dropped and her mouth opened. She was hoping for a gambit to shame me into feeling inferior.  She mentioned another time that one of her tactics to gain converts was to SHAME them into conversion.  I asked her what would happen if a Roman Catholic began to attend her church and asked to join, what would be done to receive them. She said that of course they are NOT Christians so they would have to be baptized, but she said FIRST they must produce a number of credible witnesses to testify on their behalf that they are already leading a virtuous and respectable life. I am not making any of this up.

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