Tuesday, May 31, 2011

No text or music is without genre

I realize that people poke fun at Postmodernism and there are computer programs to generate meaningless essays in Pomo language, but surely there must be some nuggets of truth to be found in Derrida.  People poke fun at Marshall McCluhan and yet he was the first to coin the term "surfing" years before the Internet was invented. Actually this morning for the first time in two years I logged into http://express.paltalk.com to help my friend Karzan K. Ks find the 40 Kurdish rooms and all morning long I have been listening to popular Kurdish tunes. Many paltalk rooms are like disc jockeys playing a certain genre of music. Anyway as I realized that all of the Kurdish music is, understandably, of the same genre and very similar to Turkish and Egyptian and Greek music, my thoughts returned to what Derrida says about no text being genderless and it strikes me that we may learn much from the realization that in music too, all country western, rap, heavy metal, etc sounds similar because it partakes of a similar genre and yet when we take the time to become familiar with some certain genre then we realize that there are differences and pieces we prefer OVER others in the same genre.... and one may say the same of classical music which, to a child, perhaps sounds all the same until they learn to distinguish between Bach, Mozart, etc.

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