Sunday, May 29, 2011

What is love (reformatted)

HERE IS AN EXCERPT FROM A LONG DISCUSSION with a woman in her 20's at the end of a 3 year courtship which would not result in marriage:

William: There is a wonderful silly movie here "What Love Is" a comedy, 
with some impropriety... but also some wisdom.
There is one "dumb blond" who is like a Sufi master Nasrudin, a wise fool.
Her first line is "I wish I lived in a world in which EVERYONE EXCEPT me 
was enlightened,.... so that each and every day, I would learn wonderful amazing new things.

But.... her second line, later, explains what LOVE REALLY IS...
She tells a man who has a broken engagement, "if you REALLY LOVE her, then your love is NOT dependent upon marriage, or even ever seeing her again even if you NEVER SEE her again,.... you will love her, if you have what love TRULY IS

Listen, WHENEVER someone so ARDENTLY desires some outcome, that they become PETULANT over its denial,.... then there is an EXCELLENT chance that IF ...

IF they were to gain their goal, they would become bored
you know the problem is that we people are selfish .we dont want to be in love we want to be loved!
They would lose interest.
Or, like the old song "falling in love with love" with the IDEA of love, 
being in love with love-- falling in love with love is falling for make-believe

We romanticize our notion of what a love relationship would be

In the moon-lit forest of D.H. Lawrence "Sons and Lovers", when the boy and girl seek the fragrent rose bush blooming in the moonlight

That evening, that rose-bush, is ROMANTACIZED love.... but it is NOT love in a daily working relationship

Just as books like Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh ROMANTACIZE the notion of young love between two males or any number of other movies and novels that ROMANTICIZE the notion of a lesbian love, or a homosexual male love.....
the fiction, the dream, the vision, is far different from the daily reality

India stresses the difference between a "LOVE MARRIAGE" and an "arranged marriage"

Maiden: so I decided not to take everything so seriously. and simply enjoy presence or absence of people

William: yes, very zen-like

Maiden: also I decided to fall in love with my own life.

William: live the moment
yes, fall in love with your self, your life... you should watch 
The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury

There is one scene where "the wise Martian" explains to the 
earth-person that, the meaning and purpose of life is SIMPLY TO LIVE
and derive pleasure from THE GIFT OF PURE BEING
Maiden: If I love my life. I will improve.
I can be what I desperately might search in a lover, couldn't I?

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