Thursday, May 26, 2011

Your Inner Journey

Oh, wow, BECAUSE of the topics of this thread Facebook is now peppering my page with ads for ADHD, "Your Inner Journey" , "Comprehensive Behavioral" and "Why People Do That" ... regarding Oprah... I always liked her. Some people seem to despise her. She MUST have SOMETHING going for her to have become the 3rd most powerful/wealthy woman in the world and last for 25 years. I recently started to re-read Salinger's "Catcher in the Rye" which I first read when I was age 15.  I can see how that book revolves around self-awareness and depression. I know that World War I hastened the development of things like the Minnesota Multiphasic Inventory simply as a way to cope with several hundred thousand people who had to be drafted, trained, sent overseas and then diagnosed for resulting traumas. When I was a teenager I assumed that feeling miserable, useless and depressed was just part of life. I knew a teen in the 1990s who spent months in a psychiatric hospital and frequently complained "I am a teenager I am supposed to be having fun and feel happy why do I feel crappy it must be somebody's fault" and then all the testing suggests bi-polar or ADHD.

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