Sunday, March 04, 2012

An Owl in a Ruined House

I don't see Romney as a terrible person. He is a successful entrepreneur. A nation is much like a huge corporation and needs a practical entrepreneur to keep it successful. What it does not need is someone who makes their wealth as a lobbyist or on books and lecture tours and show-business. One ultra conservative keeps me on ther FB list for the sake of diversity and they once explained to me my privileged position. When I mentioned that I would vote for Romney on principle they became incensed and said "Aha, then you do NOT support the policies of Obama." I explained that I see no hope for America in particular or the world in general and I am not gung-ho about any particular ideology or grand plan for a new world order. I see humanity as dystopia. I do not want some fruitcake like Rush, or Palin, or Bachmann, or even sanctimonious Santorum.  Religious convictions are like sexual desires; everyone experiences them but we should keep them to ourselves.  America itself is an evil. The concept of a sovereign nation goes against the interests of humanity. I remember a novel, "Bloodroot", and a scene in an abandoned church where a beautiful owl is trapped in the church and it frantically bashes itself against the ceiling not seeing that there are means of escape. The protagonist watches, helpless, as the owl destroys itself. Humanity is that owl in the abandoned church.

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